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When I opened this site for a long time I had very few visits, almost none. Then I created the Orishas Tarot deck and…boom! The traffic started to increase and increase. I see continuous connections to the site, every day and from various parts of the world getting up to 4/5 visits per day! What?? Do you think 4/5 visits a day is a ridiculous result? Because you don't know what it means to have 4/5 visits a year!This is why I decided to add a Blog. Through this section I can keep you, my heroic and curious users, informed about content, updates and news. So, welcome everyone to the Souentos Blog! It is a pleasure to have you on my site, and I hope it will be pleasant for you to stay here. My mother language is italian, so probably, in the spanish and english version you might find a few mistakes here and there...sooorryyy. Viola.


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