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The new deck is ready!

As promised, I'll keep you updated on the changes. The new cards have arrived. Now I have to cut and pack them, take new photographs and publish them. They will be on sale soon. The changes are: - New back with textile fiber texture, stars pattern and the Kahbadoo logo (later I'll explain what Kahbadoo is).

New characters. They were the ones that were missing. Now the deck is complete. Eshú has arrived

with his light and shadow versions, and then two other fundamental archetypes arrived: Agayú, the liquid fire (or sun) and Naná Burukú, the interstellar night. These two characters differ from the others because they do not have a light and a shadow version, being themselves the light and the darkness, for this reason they are the only couple in the deck that is not specular but is composed of two distinct characters but nevertheless they are a couple. Their explanation will come soon in the online manual, stay tuned! (Due to the fact that Eshú is traditionally depicted with exposed genitals, I'll probably need to add a warning for children on the back of the box.)


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