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Samsung Frames
the television that promotes art

Born to be a painting

Modern frame design.

The Frame's minimalist-inspired design blends harmoniously with your interior. Even, thinner and with a monochromatic finish on the back, it creates a sophisticated look from any angle you look at it, while the ability to hide the cable and the console make The Frame a masterpiece of modern art, on or off.

Samsung frame art.jpg

It's beautiful to admire even when it's turned off. And when the art comes to life, the effect is extremely realistic.

The release on the market of this jewel conceived as a design object and dedicated specifically to the fruition of artistic content, was, for us digital artists, a real creative bomb. Immediately I dusted off an old idea that I have always had but that could not find expression without a new technology that allowed its realization. The idea was to create moving pictures. Paintings with a traditional look but suddenly capable of changing shape, color, of moving and finding new alignments and arrangements, generating maximum amazement in the observer. 


The first video frame I made is dedicated to stones. It is a work made with scans of fabric and watercolor papers. It represents an abstract landscape in which stones, geometric elements and abstract shapes change arrangement every certain amount of time. The exact moment when the painting will move is not specified because it must take the viewer by surprise. It can be after 10 minutes or after 40. The viewer will see stones that suddenly fall, circles that fly until they disappear from the frame, elements that appear or that suddenly begin to disappear. Sometimes it will be possible to catch the painting while it is transforming itself, other times just by glancing at the painting, we will see it different from what it was an hour before.

Maximum effectiveness

Here are some tips to get the maximum possible optical illusion with your video frame.
1: Hang the TV at "painting hight".
Normally our televisions are placed at a medium-low height, because it depends on the height of the piece of furniture on which they are placed. Since the Samsung Frame hangs like a painting and adheres to the wall exactly like a painting, take advantage of it and hang it at "painting height". This will induce guests to consider it a true work of art.

2:   Hide the cable and console
We have already mentioned that the  remote control of the Samsung Frame works even if the console is hidden. Take advantage of this feature and hide the console in a piece of furniture or better yet, if the TV wall is close to an accessible room, place the console in that room and connect it to the TV by passing the ultra-thin cable through a small hole in the wall, which will be hidden from the television itself once hung. In this way, no one will think that it is a television.

3: Create a composition of paintings.
Surround the Samsung frame with other small paintings or print in order to create a composition on the wall. In the store you will find dozens of prints compatible in shape and color with your video frame.

4: Frame the TV with protective glass.
This really is for perfectionists of deception. 
Instead of using the frames proposed by Samsung, bring the frame to the framer  and ask him to add the glass as well, as you would commonly do for any painting. The glass will provide a psychological justification for any light reflections that you might see on the TV ( after all it's a screen ). If you then add glass to the small prints you have chosen for the composition, the illusion will be total. Your guests will be amazed when they realize that the paintings in your home are moving like in the Harry Potter films!

Buy a videopainting

Buying a video panel is simple, just click on the icon below and you will be sent to the Etsy platform. Create your account and purchase the USB pen drive, which contains the videopainting STONES. It' an  8 hours video and this is why you can't download it directly from the platform. You will receive at home a package that contains a pen drive  with the video + an art file to be set as a screensaver when the TV is off. The only thing you will have to do is insert the pen drive into the console and select play video continuously. At the end of the 8 hours the video will stop for less than two seconds and will restart again from the beginning in order to have a permanent view of the videopaintig. When you turn off the TV, the STONE art file (given to you as a gift)  will appear, and and you will see a still image of the videopainting. 



You can watch or download 5 minutes of videopainting, to test its performance on your Samsung TV.  The movement starts at the end.



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